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Pinumu Pasaule

Your idea - Our performance!

Pinumu Pasaule

The origins of the Pinumu Pasaule can be traced back to 1985. It all started as a shared family passion that has grown into a real business since 1999. We started with small baskets and trays. Thanks to the professionalism of weavers from a small company, we have become one of the largest weaver companies in Latvia and we can offer you baskets of various shapes and sizes.

We work with peeled and unpeeled, home-grown, willow - ecologically clean material. From the preparation of wicker for weaving to the finished weave - it's all handmade. Over time, we have improved our skills and knowledge not only in Latvia, but also abroad. Our services also include the sale of ready-made wicker and the repair of wickerwork.

We also make wickerwork to individual orders.

The Tutanu family

​A family from Smarde parish, Kalndaki, are the masters of wicker - here they have their own wicker world, where not only trays and cots for newborns are made, but also baskets that are exported to Japan!

Pēteris Tutāns is a man with a wonderful sense of humor and golden hands - he can weave anything from wicker, if necessary, even weave a car.
Chief Master Peter has received a Master's diploma, has participated in exhibitions in Latvia, France, China, the USA and Japan. She has participated in a competition in Poland and received the Latvian Cultural Heritage Label!

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Peter remembers ...

Wicker weaving has been Peter's passion since childhood - at the age of about 10 his father taught him the craft, but at that time the first works were not made of wicker, but made of key chains and baskets.


"It went so slowly with those wires that I thought that the baskets should be woven from wicker. Dad and I were weaving the first potato basket together," the craftsman remembers. "I really liked it, little by little it was like weaving baskets."


If Dad taught Peter to weave himself, his mother helped to collect and peel the wicker. Peter's cousin, who had learned the wisdom of wicker weaving, was also a great support. Later, courses in Lielvārde were followed by Jānis Kupčs, a very good master of crafts, who taught weaving in very good quality. "Since 1994, the pine is still."  Peter admits that it was only on a hobby level at the time, but he will take wicker weaving more seriously when he meets his lifelong love and his wife Lolita!

Lolita tells ...

Lolita will tell you what the process is to get to a wicker basket or any other product!

Wicker is the main foundation or main resource. In order to reach them successfully more than 25 years ago, the Tutanu family began hunting wicker through roadside ditches. As Lolita remembers - "We drove and actively searched along the sides of the road!  First we checked whether the wicker was suitable for weaving! It is necessary to break the watch - if it breaks, it does not fit, if it is flexible and does not break - then the right ones are found and the basket can be woven. The wicker that grows in the ditch are the best! It will not be the case that all the elastic wicker grown on the sides of the ditches will fit! Only annuals that have not been able to branch out are suitable! "

The Tutanu family had their favorite routes, where the beautiful wicker was already seen during the summer. After which they drove and cut in the autumn.


"It's not possible to cut in the summer - because the wicker is still soft and not fully ripe. When the leaves fall in September, you can think about cutting in October. , the wicker is damaged, you won't clog the basket anymore! Today, of course, the wicker is grown and bought, because Pinumu Pasaule spends over a million wicker a year! "

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Our customers

Maxima, Rimi, Iki, Elvi, Top, Lido, Reaton, Hanzas Maiznīca, Fazer Maiznīca, Latvijas Maiznieks, Lāči, Vincents, Depo, TV3, Dobeles, Dzirnavnieks, SIA Nomeda, SIA Elsana, SIA Valmiermuižas alus, Dobeles Novada Pašvaldība, SIA JPD ...

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