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Luxury Glamping Hotels

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Luxury Glamping Hotels

Ragnar Glamp is a fast-growing international luxury hotel chain and premium home construction company. Currently Ragnar Glamp is available in the three most beautiful places in Latvia. The first place for glamping is in Ērgļi, where Māris Olte and his family welcome guests, the second in the picturesque Koknese, where the landowner Tomass Cīrulis manages, and the third will be opened in March this year in Milzkalne, Kalndaķi farm. and one of the largest wicker growing and weaving workshops in Latvia.

At the Ragnar Glamp Hotel, guests are allowed to dream, with details and a high level of comfort. The interior of the guest house uses natural linen, oak floors, and the apartments feature an exclusive, free-standing bath in the Forest or a rain shower with heated floors in the Lux home. Beds and linen are at the heart of Ragnar Glamp’s concept, allowing guests to enjoy a truly peaceful and relaxing sleep in comfortable beds. They are covered with down-filled blankets, in the Forest house - covered with premium cotton and in the house - with linen covers. Each hotel guest receives a free, well-thought-out compliment. All houses have their own outdoor terrace for spending free time with loved ones and family, enjoying the nearby nature and wonderful landscape views.

There are three, two types of houses designed and manufactured by Ragnar Glamp in Kalndaķi - one Forest and two Lux holiday houses. Here you can also book a sauna and a hot tub.

Please use the link below to find out more about the premium hotel chain and to find out the differences between the types of houses. Get inspired and book a break now!

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