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Pick up your own tray to store sweets or fresh morning bread!

Isn't that a great idea?

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Tackling the tray

59.00 € for each participant

(1-2 people)

Tackling the tray

59.00 € for each participant

(group 3-10 people)

Shopping cart

99.00 € for each participant

(group 1-10 people)

Master class opportunities
  • Picking up a tray or basket under the supervision of a master

  • Special offer for newlyweds

  • A master class for students, during which a common weave is woven

  • Off-site master class

What is included in the master class?
  • Participants are provided with materials and tools

  • The braided object remains the property of the participants

  • If necessary, there will be an interpreter in Latvian - English or Latvian - Russian

  • Lesson time for weaving a tray from 3 to 5 hours

  • It is also possible to weave a basket, then it takes 8 hours and it can be done in two days

  • Smārde Parish, “Kalndaķi”

  • Riga, Tēriņu Street 52

  • In a place that suits you

  • Milzkalne station - “Kalndaķi” - round trip 10 €

  • Riga Airport - Tēriņu Street - by prior arrangement

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